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Shampuz Media Features In Eric Omondi Parody Skit



Award winning YouTuber Shaban Francis of Shampuz Media has featured in renowned comedian Eric Omondi parody skit.

Omondi, in the skit, mimicked President William Ruto’s wife meeting religious leaders as Shaban played the role of a pastor.

The short video that has since gone viral, Shaban who wore long-sleeved black shirt, navy pair of trousers, is seen wearing clerical collar as well as holding what looked like a Bible.

Erick Omondi clad in a grey dress almost similar to Rachel Ruto’s shared the hilarious skit on his Instagram.

“Today I met a delegation of Prayer warriors, Champion Overseers. Pastor Odulele Oduleba Washington from Enugu Church of Christ Lagos, Brother Absalom Okoth Cross Bearer Legion Maria, Sister Priscilla Muthoni Wangare of Ndumberi Akorino Women’s Guild. Mama Rachel.”

The pastor, Omondi, insinuates to be Oduleba is Shaban Francis.

The comedian recently did a funny parody of the president inspecting a guard of honour while clad in his signature Kenyan flag cap.

Dr William Ruto was sworn in as the fifth President of Kenya at Kasarani International Stadium a week ago.

Ruto took the Oath of Office in a swearing-in process led by the Judiciary under Chief Justice Martha Koome and the registrar Anne Amadi.

He as well received the highest award in the country – Chief of the Order of the Golden Heart.

His deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, was also sworn in shortly after him.

The event was attended by tens of head of states and diplomats from across the world. They included East African Community presidents among others.

Currently, Ruto is in London United Kingdom for the funeral service of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

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Woman Claims Her Boyfriend Left Her at Maternity Ward to Have His PHONE Fixed




A woman has gone viral after sharing a video online claiming her partner left her to get his phone fixed after she’d just given birth to their daughter.

According to Social worker Erinjade Rand, 31, from Sydney, is a mother of five to Cobi-jay, nine, Lukah, eight, Talea, six, Kiarna, two, but was left horrified when she underwent a ‘traumatic’ birth with her youngest daughter Reynah, now one.

Calling the birth ‘surreal’, she said the little girl had come out with the cord wrapped around her neck before doctors were able to help her breathe for the first time.

However, moments after the birth of her daughter Reynah, Erinjade claims her partner Jason Saavedra left her to go and get his phone fixed because of a cracked screen.

After the mother-of-five shared a video online after the experience, it quickly went viral, with many other TikTok users telling Erinjade she’s ‘better off without him’.

She said: ‘I’d just given birth in the birthing pool. The staff were attending to my daughter and I’d just got back on the bed when he said he was going to get his phone fixed.

‘The birth itself was extremely traumatic and surreal. Reynah had come out with the cord wrapped around her neck, so I had to keep her under the water which was scary.

‘There were alarms going off, she was staring at me completely blue not making any noise.

‘During this time my partner was filming it while I looked scared for my life.

‘He cut the cord. She had no oxygen, so they were trying to get her to breathe.

‘I was still in the bath left unattended without my partner comforting me.

‘He was still filming at this point and I was looking around thinking “am I really here?”

‘It felt so surreal but thankfully they got Reynah breathing. The midwife helped me out of the bath and into bed and I gave birth to the placenta.

‘At this point my partner said he was going to take his phone to be repaired.

‘I think I probably just nodded at the time, in complete shock at everything that had just happened.

‘All my kids were birthed naturally in the water and I’ve never had an experience like I did with Reynah. It was absolutely awful.’

She added: ‘My midwife was absolutely amazing and I really couldn’t have got through it without her. I don’t think she really liked him to be honest.

‘I say that because when I was in labour pushing away prior to Reynah, he was sat playing games on his phone and the midwife made digs at him.

‘She said “Are you going to come over and help her then?”

‘He said “Yeah, I will do when I’ve finished playing this game”.

‘That’s not even the worst bit. He went home and I still needed to shower and get myself ready to leave the hospital.

‘Normally dad looks after the baby while the mother showers but he wasn’t there so I stayed in the unit while the midwife watched her.

‘He was supposed to pick Reynah and I up to go home at 4.30pm but he didn’t turn up until at least 5.45pm. I think that annoyed the midwife even more.’

She added: ‘It was just completely unnecessary. Why would you need to get your phone fixed just after the birth of your daughter?

‘It doesn’t seem surprising to me though, he always loved prioritising pretty much anything he could over me.

‘After the birth and all the chaos of the relationship, we decided to have couples therapy.

‘In the session we were asked to say what was at the top of our priorities and for me I said it was my kids’ happiness that meant the most.

‘My partner said basketball was the top of his, and even when the question was explained to him, he still said basketball!

‘The therapist said he was a narcissist, which he didn’t like whatsoever but thankfully those sessions made me see it all so clearly.’

Although this turbulent relationship was incredibly painful for Erinjade, she said she has come out of the other side so much stronger following their separation.

She said: ‘This relationship has taught me so much. It’s taught me how to be aware and not as trusting.

‘It’s also taught me that if people don’t want to be helped then they can’t be helped.

‘I feel stupid, I thought he could do better.’

Erinjade’s ex-boyfriend Jason Saavedra said: ‘I didn’t leave Erinjade after she gave birth to Reynah.

‘When she went into labour, I asked for her permission to go and get my phone fixed.

‘This is because I wanted to get photos of my daughter when she was born, and I was out for no longer than ten minutes.

‘Then she gave birth to my beautiful daughter Reynah and got heaps of photos too.’

Via Daily Mail

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Kenyan Girl Meets Black Panther’s Michael B Jordan




|| Photo courtesy

A Kenyan girl had a fantastic experience bumping into the World’s sexiest man, Michael B Jordan.

The girl identified as Sheila Ajjie shared a video on social media, leaving her followers envious.

Sheila had a chance encounter with him. Using her Twitter page, Sheilaajjie cheekily wrote,

“Newest couple in town, you heard it here first.”

She appeared to be in West Hollywood California also sharing a video of their cute moment.

In the video, one could see the two lean in to each other for the video. Whew! Check out the video below;

In the comments section, Sheila was inundated with questions with one girl asking what he smelled like?

She responded

“like heaven”.

A man had a totally unrelated question asking, ‘Aende akunjwe kama ngumi??’ Sheila responded by saying, “Kukunjwa is importanter.”

Otherwise, Sheila left other girls envious. Some of those comments are below;


I’m actually very jealous rn he’s gorgeous wow


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