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Fikirini Jacobs Wants Coast Leaders To ‘Unite’



Coast youth leader in Azimio La Umoja One Kenya, Fikirini Jacobs, now says there is a need for the members of the Mijikenda community to get to know each other and even build a good relationship amongst them.

According to Fikirini, the Mijikenda community has a good number of leaders in the government but most of them are not known for they have not come out in public to speak about their origin.

Speaking in a meeting with some youth and elders, Fikirini has asked the elders to set aside a special day where the senior leaders in the government, who are also members of the local community, will gather with the youth with the aim of getting to know each other and even encouraging the youth in various leadership issues.

In addition, Fikirini has asked Kilifi county leaders of to take the issue more serious because, it will fuel development agenda in the area.

Fikirini eyed for the senatorial seat in Kilifi County before shelving his ambitions giving.

Many Kilifians thought he would be nominated as senator but that has never come to pass.

Rifts in ODM

Rifts in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) are now taking an ugly turn as members take on each other over matters pertinent to the party.

To blurt out the happenings inside the party was Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, who decried the attempts of being shortchanged in the leadership of one of the powerful committees in the National Assembly.

The youthful lawmaker had eyed the chairmanship of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), which it now appears could be taken by nominated MP John Mbadi.

Babu took social media to air his frustrations, accusing the party of “betraying so many youths who sacrificed a lot and used their resources in the party over the years”.

Going for the jugular, Babu hit out at the party for rewarding others at the expense of those presumed to be young.

“ODM party, with due respect, why should John Mbadi come down from the position of Majority leader to PAC chair, which was reserved for me? This will not happen! Over my dead body…Young people must get their space. It’s now or never. He has been rewarded through nomination,” said Babu.

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Raila’s Next Course of Action ‘Revealed’




Raila cause of action after Supreme Verdict on August 2022 presidential petition is expected to be known next week.

The Supreme Court set Monday, September 26 as the date for releasing the full verdict of the August 2022 presidential petition, initiating Raila Odinga’s plans to confront the Judiciary.

Letiza Wachira, the court’s registrar, in a notice released on Saturday, September 24, stated that the verdict will be sent through email to the petitioners, respondents, interested parties and the media.

“Take notice that the reasons for the judgment of the court will be delivered at 2:30 pm through email,” an excerpt of the notice read.

The apex court judges, led by Chief Justice Martha Koome had requested 21 days to draft the full verdict. Koome, while reading the summary on Monday, September 5, declared that the petition filed by Raila Odinga and his Azimio La Umoja running mate, Martha Karua, was hot air.

She added that lawyers representing the two opposition leaders presented forged and fake evidence in court and could not also prove that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) systems were hacked and manipulated by Venezuelan national, Jose Camargo.

Raila had asked his supporters to be patient and wait for the full verdict before announcing his next step.

The Azimio chief who was appalled by the verdict flew out of the country during the inauguration of President William Ruto. Upon his arrival back into the country, he criticised the Judiciary for the verdict.

“We can lead a one million march to the Judiciary and tell them to go home. We have a right as a people to not agree with bad rulings,” Raila stated on Thursday, September 15 after the swearing-in of Mombasa governor, Abdulswamad Sherrif Nassir.

“Shame on the Judiciary of this country. We will talk,” he added, insisting that he will shape the country’s legal and political agenda after reading the full verdict.

However, on the next day during Azimio’s parliamentary group, he listed the coalition’s next course of action. The first was saving the Judiciary which he claimed was offering itself to state capture.

Azimio would then transform IEBC to make it ready to hold a credible election and protect the legislature from offering itself to state capture.

“The Supreme Court is threatening those who petitioned the case before them. CJ Koome has also stopped Kenyans from discussing the judgement. She went to her village to defend the verdict even before they released the full judgement. She said the ruling was inspired by God, I say It was inspired by the devil.

“Her actions are clearly sycophantic, she has demeaned the dignity of the office of CJ. In less than a year, she has destroyed what her predecessors achieve in 10 years,” an irked Raila lamented.

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Ruto to Adopt Tanzania’s CCM Style After Swearing-In, Muthama Says




UDA Chairman Johnson Muthama has declared that the party leader, president-elect William Ruto will adopt the style of Tanzania’s ruling party – Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

Speaking on Sunday, September 11, Muthama explained that the plan is to hand over the powers of the party to the people, who will have a say in the running of the party.

Consequently, the powers given to the UDA secretariat will be trimmed to avoid individuals making decisions guided by their individual interests.

“We want the people on the grassroots to defend this party and proclaim its ownership, not a few gust at the top speaking about the party and carrying it in their own pockets.

“They will drop it when they want and pull it back whenever they please. No!” Muthama elaborated.

The former Machakos Senator maintained that the hands-on approach would help to hold the party leadership accountable and grow a large and loyal fanbase.

He pointed out that KANU, which was the ruling party in the country for nearly six decades had attempted to borrow a leaf from CCM but failed because its top guns declined to relinquish their power to the people.

“KANU tried to do that but the push and the sealing of issues on the ground was not done in a massive way because the people at the top were still holding it from the top,” he expounded.

CCM has enjoyed a massive and loyal support from the main land and Zanzibar, winning the last nine General Elections in Tanzania dating back to 1980 and has been in power for 42 years.

It won all polls by garnering more than 50 per cent with the lowest being in 2015, when the late John Pombe Magufuli bagged 58.46 per cent of the votes.

Magufuli, however, secured 84.4 per cent in the subsequent election in 2020. Notably, the highest percentile of votes secured by the party in an election was recorded in 1990 when incumbent Ali Hassan Mwinyi secured 97.78 per cent of the vote.

UDA’s Ruto became the first ever deputy president to succeed a sitting president and on the first attempt at the country’s top seat.

In in 1978, the late Daniel Arap Moi took over after Kenya’s founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta died. Moi would rule the country for 24 years, until 2002, when the opposition ganged up against his iron-fist rule.

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