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Blue Economy Is Not About The Sky, One on One With Baraka



The blue Economy discussion has recently become a trending discussion in the County of Kilifi as the County boss cabinet was vetted.

It all began when the turn for Dr. Peter Chula Mwagona to be vetted came. Chula was nominated to head the Agriculture, Livestock Development and Blue Economy department. Some Kilifians had it that other questions exposed the lack of knowledge in a few members of the committee.

But what is Blue Economy?

John Baraka from Sokoni ward helps us understand this.

Baraka tells us that blue economy is the “sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of ocean ecosystems.

“This is very vital to the people of Kilifi County. It is not ABOUT THE SKIES!!!

“Kilifi County boasts of the longest shoreline amongst all the coastal counties and as a government, we should use this to our advantage.

“These are the short-term and long-term projects I will make sure that the County takes into consideration. But the enabler of all this is the Development of fisheries-based co-operatives,” Baraka told us.

Development of Local Fishing Fleet

He went on saying, that, “The establishment of a boat-building facility and establishing a financing program will be to enable local fishermen acquire boats built in the facility. Fishermen skills gaps will be addressed through specific training.

“Social Benefits
•The local fishermen will be able to access boats at affordable prices.
•The local boat builders will have access to modern facilities to construct boats locally.
•The local boat-building industry will benefit from improved boat-building technologies.”

Development of Fishery Hatcheries

On this Baraka said the lack of quality fish ‘seeds’ (fingerlings) is one of the major bottlenecks in the development of aquaculture in the county. He added that the aquaculture industry will be able to offer a wider variety of farmed marine and freshwater products.

“Social Benefits
•More variety of aquaculture products will enable a wider section of the community to be involved in aquaculture activities.
•The employment opportunities will lead to stable households

Development of Fish Port

“The development of a fish port and the required infrastructure of large cold storage would attract the vessel fishing in the Kenya EEZ to land fish in a facility in the county. The availability of adequate supplies would enable private investment in fish processing.

“Social Benefits
•Address the problems of fish scarcity within the markets for food security and malnutrition •Generate employment for women and youth from the availability of fish for trade.
•Create employment opportunities for many households from the construction phase, to the operations phases and from the related industries and activities.

Establishment Fish Auction Market

“Wholesale and retail fish markets will be developed in the major urban centers to provide fishermen with easy access to the market and a better price to fish. The market will provide traders and consumers easier access to reliable fish and fish products of good quality.

Social Benefits
• Small-scale fish traders will have access to a reliable source of fish.
•The fishermen will get higher prices for their fish.
•The market will make fish accessible to households tackling malnutrition.”

Cruiseship Transport Corridor in Kilifi County

Baraka wants it to be possible to use a Cruise Ship from The furthest point in Malindi, Mombasa and Kwale.

“Population increase and economic development have led to congestion on road transport. In addition, tourist arrivals have been increasing over time thus exerting more pressure on road networks.

“Kilifi is endowed with the longest shoreline that can be harnessed to provide alternative transport in terms of a cruise ship Of the total 648km of Kenya’s coastline, Kilifi County boasts of having the longest coastline of 264km which is navigable by small and medium vessels that can be used for both Passenger and Goods transport,” he said.

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Top 7 Photographers In Malindi, Who Is The Best of All?




Well, everybody wants to freeze those best memories with quality images.

For memories, everyone wants events like weddings, family come together parties, graduations and many other events captured in quality images.

There are people who can help us achieve exactly that.

These are Photographers. Photographers make our desires come true and though hiring one is at times kinda expensive, sometimes we got no any other option.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Photographers in Malindi.

7. Shampuz Media

The Francis Shaban owned media entity offers lifestyle, corporate events, portraiture and documentary services.

6. Sayari Photography

They used to have their studio at Malindi Mall in Malindi town adjacent to KWFT offices. Currently they offer mobile services.

Sayari Photography offers lifestyle, travel, corporate events and portraiture services.

5. Ken Art Photography
With a mobile studio and competent skills in taking shots Ken Art Photography comes fifth on our list. They have been super active in the just concluded general elections capturing best shots.

They are best in still photos though. So If you want videos then wait for our number one and two on the list.

4. Swanky Photography
The secular artist, Swanky, led team has their studio around BP in Malindi town.

On a chit-chat with Swanky a month ago the Mseto EA Coast ambassador revealed that the studio set up cost not less than 2.5USD (Ksh 300K).

Musa Menza is the CEO.

3. Typol Photography

They are best in still videos and still photos. Ernest Paul is the Chief Excecutive of the team.

2. Through My Lenses

They are best in still photos as well as videos. Now If you have a wedding, a birthday party or any other event that you want captured in video the they are the best.

Experienced Peter Mkristo, is the lead photographer. Their studio is located at Cooperative Bank building.

1. MMP Production
The lead videographer cum photographer GK Macharia is an award-winning. He has worked with renowned artists in producing their music videos.

MMP are best in motion pictures.

Who else have we left out? Share your thoughts.😊

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What Johnstone Muthama Stated After Missing Out in President Ruto’s Cabinet




UDA chairperson, Johnstone Muthama, has broken his silence after he missed out in the cabinet line-up unveiled by President William Ruto on Tuesday September 27, 2022.

Muthama was William Ruto’s point person in the larger Ukambani region but wasn’t among those nominated to the Cabinet.

Ukambani had three nominees who featured in the Ruto’s first cabinet.

Former Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua, was named foreign affairs Cabinet Secretary while former Kitui deputy governor Penninah Malonza was nominated for tourism sector.

Former Energy cabinet secretary Monica Juma, was retained as a national security advisor, are the three nominees from the Ukambani region.

With many Kenyans wondering why Muthama missed a slot, he has finally spoken and congratulated Ruto for unveiling his cabinet, which he said is full of competent men and women.

“I want to thank and congratulate President William Ruto for establishing a competent and fair-minded government for Kenya.

“We are confident that these ladies and gentlemen will keep our election pledge to the people of Kenya,” Muthama’s statement on social media read.

See what Kenyans on Twitter popularly known as KOT said;

Meanwhile, Ezekiel Machogu could be another man to watch in President William Ruto’s Administration following his appointment as Cabinet for Education.

Machogu becomes the third individual from the larger Gusii Region to be appointed to the Education Docket which is one of the most powerful dockets in Government.

Machogu unsuccessfully vied for the Kisii Governor seat on the UDA party ticket where he lost to ODM’s Simba Arati.

He mounted a spirited campaign for his bid and that of President Ruto despite having complained of harassment and intimidation from state agencies.

During his tenure as MP Nyaribari Masaba (2017-2022), Machogu was credited for having funded several schools in his Constituency to completion.

The Education Docket nominee takes over the Ministry at a time when the Country is facing a defining moment in the implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

After being sworn in President Ruto said he will put in place a task force to collect views from Kenyans and all education stakeholders on the way forward. His sentiments came after an outcry from parents and other education stakeholders on how CBC was being implemented.

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