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Apple to Put USB Type C connectors in iPhones to Comply with EU rules



US tech giant Apple has confirmed that it will switch to the USB Type C connector to its iPhone in accordance with the European Union’s regulations requiring all phones sold in its member countries to use the connector for charging and data transfer.

The company will ditch the Lightning connector on its iPhones, after European regulators decided all smartphones should have USB charging as standard in two years’ time.

New EU rules require all phones sold after autumn 2024 to use the USB-C connector for their charging ports.

The oval-shaped plugs are already standard on other consumer electronics such as e-readers, games consoles, laptops and the vast majority of new Android phones.

Apple has already switched much of its product line over to the standard, which can send up to 240W of power and 40Gbps of data over the same cable.

Its first laptop to use USB-C to charge was the 12in MacBook in 2015, while iPads began switching from the Lightning connector in 2018.

But the company had pushed back against requirements to switch its phones to the standard, saying that “strict regulation mandating just one type of connector stifles innovation rather than encouraging it, which in turn will harm consumers in Europe and around the world”.

Defenders of the Lightning connector have cited its smaller size, and the vast array of Lightning-based adapters and accessories owned by users around the world.

The need to replace those cables could lead to a spike in e-waste, despite the stated goal of the regulation being to reduce discarded electronics.

Now, Apple’s head of marketing, Greg “Joz” Joswiak, says the company is conceding defeat. “Obviously we’ll have to comply, we have no choice,” he told a technology conference in California.

But, he argued, it “would have been better environmentally and better for our customers to not have a government be that prescriptive”.

Joswiak refused to answer questions on timing, or on whether the company would attempt to make USB-C iPhones an EU exclusive.

Given the company’s annual release schedule for iPhones, however, it is likely that either the iPhone 15, expected in September 2023, or its follow-up, expected in September 2024, will be the first to have the connector. “The Europeans are the ones dictating timing for European customers,” Joswiak added.

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Uhuru Kenyatta Back On Twitter, Facebook Three Years After Trolls Forced Him Out




Former President Uhuru Kenyatta is back on social media after his sudden exit three years ago.
Mr Kenyatta is now back on an official account @4thPresidentKE, which is now available on both Facebook and Twitter platforms.

In March 2019, Mr Kenyatta’s Twitter and Facebook pages were abruptly deactivated in what his then Chief of staff Nzioka Waita claimed was to allow for the remedial recovery measures to be undertaken.

“On account of unauthorized access to the official social media handles of H.E the President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, all official social media handles for the President have been temporarily suspended to allow for the necessary remedial measures to be undertaken,” Mr Waita said.

Legislator Lambasts Kenyans Criticizing Hustler Fund

Even so, in November 2020, Uhuru opened up about his social media exit, noting that trolls had forced him out.

Mr Kenyatta was also a victim of online bullies.

“You see I left Twitter and other social media sites because I saw they are full of insults and nothing constructive. You sit there reading the comments instead of sleeping. ‘Oh, what have they said?” he said.

“They make calls asking people to see how the trolls have attacked. I would rather sleep or talk to my wife,” he added.

Meanwhile, Singer, Esther Akoth better known by her stage name as Akothee, has threatened to sue blogs that use the content she shares on social media in a malicious manner.

The mother of five has indicated that she will sue blogs for Sh300 million for using her content. The singer claims that blogs would rather highlight sensational events in her life than promote her business.

The singer who recently reconciled with the Sister Cebbie while appreciating the role the news and entertainment blogs play in society, said some of the outlets had turned to tarnishing the names of celebrities.

“To All Kenyan bloggers, this is your last day of posting rubbish about my brand, tarnishing my name for your own gain. You will be forced to pay a penalty of Sh 300 million if you post anything malicious about my brand. I don’t need you, you need my content, period. Wacheni kunipost sitaki (don’t post me),” she decried.

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Is Twitter Shutting Down? Find Out Here




Twitter office buildings will be temporarily closed until Monday and employees will have no access inside, reports the BBC, and this has resulted in many thinking the platform is “shutting down”, while others are under the assumption that it is “ending” in 2022.

Twitter has gone through a number of changes since it was purchased by Elon Musk, and if reports are to be believed, a number of its employees have voiced their opinions against the new rules.

Elon himself has been vocal about his desire to bring about more changes to his newly-bought platform, but there is no indication of the service coming to an end altogether despite growing concerns.


While neither Elon nor Twitter’s employees have confirmed these rumors, users can’t stop thinking what they would do if Twitter were to shut down. This stems from reports that their offices are being temporarily closed.

The #RIPTwitter trend further added to people’s concern, with many, before checking the facts, believing that Twitter’s service would end tomorrow.

Being the troll that he is, Elon also joined the trend by sharing a meme on his verified account, which shows the Twitter logo on a tombstone, jokingly implying that the platform is dead.

However, in a contradicting Tweet, the billionaire shared: “We just hit another all-time high in Twitter usage lol”


Just like Elon, people have come up with their own version of memes in reaction to raising concerns about Twitter ‘shutting down’ for good.

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